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Fellow Pioneers and Patriots,
I am Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt. I am a wife, mother, and woman of faith who is committed to preserving freedom, expanding opportunity, and reigniting American Patriotism for the sake of all Northern Utahns and future generations. 

I'm running for Congress because radical liberals like AOC and her "Squad" are threatening our Republic and every thing we hold dear.
We need bold conservative leaders willing to stand up to these radicals. I have stood toe-to-toe and beat liberals before and I'm ready to do it again in Washington.
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    • Defend life, religious liberty, freedom of speech, economic freedom, the right to keep and bear arms, and ALL of our Constitutional Rights.

    • Stop the crushing debt that we’re piling onto our children and owe to foreign governments. It threatens our children’s future and our sovereignty. 

    • Fix our broken borders and implement a merit-based immigration system. The solution is simple, but it takes grit.


    • Cut bad regulations and red tape that kill jobs and creativity. Keep taxes low.

    • 150 years ago, East and West were connected right here in Utah. In Congress, I want to connect the world through technology initiatives that expand light speed internet like broadband and 5G, which empowers job creators and families.

    • With increased technology and super fast internet access, we will boost our economy, health care, and our education system, which can be easily accessed from the Cache Valley to the Uinta Basin and everywhere in between.


    • Socialism is on the rise and we need strong voices to stand up to the radical “Squad” in Washington. I will stand for the values that made America Strong, like Capitalism and our Constitutional Rights.

    • Venezuela and Hong Kong are recent examples that Socialism and Communism don’t work. America is the greatest country on the face of the Earth and we need leaders who aren’t afraid to say how blessed we really are.

    • Growing up in Utah, my family housed refugees fleeing from Communist countries. I’ve seen how it crushes the human spirit and how the promise of American freedom lifts people up. Now, with so many radicals in Congress challenging our freedoms and patriotic values, it’s our time to stand up.


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