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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

As I’ve been traveling the district, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the thoughts, beliefs, and concerns of many Pioneers & Patriots like you.

These Pioneers & Patriots are: 

  • Parents and Grandparents who want to make sure their families are safe, 

  • Sportsmen who enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors, 

  • And Conservatives who believe we must defend freedoms of religion, speech, and our right to keep and bear arms.

The freedoms we hold dear, like our 2nd Amendment rights, are under attack by the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC.

I’m running for Congress to stop the unconstitutional gun-grabs, like the ones we’ve seen in Virginia and to also give you a voice in Congress to make sure your kids and grandkids inherit a country where freedom still rings.

My plan is simple: 

No matter what, if any legislation hinders your rights, I’ll oppose it!

Do you want our great nation run by Bernie or AOC, who have vowed to take away our rights?

There is still time to give our kids and grandkids the kind of country we want them to have.

You can join this fight in several simple ways:

  1. Caucus for our Campaign

  2. Sign or Circulate Petitions

  3. Donate to our Cause to Preserve Freedom

Because of your commitment to your family and by taking action today, America’s and Utah’s best days are still ahead and we will block the further erosion of our rights.


Katie discusses her support for Our Constitutional Rights, especially our Gun Rights, with Constitutional Rights Leader, outspoken gun rights advocate, and author of Government Ruins Nearly Everything, Laura Carno. Learn more about Laura here. They discuss all sorts of 2nd Amendment issues, including opposing Red Flag laws, as well as many other Constitutional Rights. Enjoy!


Katie discusses her support for Sportsman issues, like gun rights, access to public lands for hunting, and conservation with Utah business leader, conservation and sportsmen leader, and inspiring author, Marc Bingham. They even discuss what it is like to go hunting with the Trumps. Enjoy!

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