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  • Katie Witt for Congress

I Will Never Raise Taxes. Ever.

When people are running for office, voters have a right to know where the candidates stand on the issues that affect their families.

That’s why my campaign is focused on on preserving freedom, expanding opportunity, and reigniting American patriotism.

With all of the turmoil in our economy over the last month, we deserve certainty when it comes to keeping our hard-earned money.

That's yet another reason why, back in October, I was the FIRST candidate to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which means I promise to NEVER raise taxes!

Our 45 minute VIRTUAL COTTAGE MEETINGS focus on Preserving Freedom, Expanding Opportunity, and Reigniting Patriotism and most importantly answering your questions before you vote at the convention or in the June Republican Primary.

Discussing YOUR rights, freedoms, and ability to keep more of your money to spend and invest how you see fit is just the tip of the iceberg of what we've been talking about during our VIRTUAL COTTAGE MEETINGS.

My commitment is to stay connected with you and be your voice in Congress.

There are several great ways to connect with our campaign: 

  1. Sign up for our Virtual Cottage Meetings

  2. Watch our Pioneers & Patriots Videos

  3. Donate to our movement to expand opportunity

My commitment in this campaign is to work with anyone to Preserve Freedom, Expand Opportunity, and Reignite Patriotism and to always put YOU first. 

I hope to continue the conversation with you online soon.

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