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Fixing Our Broken Borders

Updated: Apr 24, 2020


Katie discusses her plans on Fixing Our Broken Borders; the need for The Will, The Wall, and The Way, how Border Security IS Compassionate, and how by Fighting Open Borders we can Stop Human Trafficking and the Drug Epidemic. Enjoy!


As I’ve been out on the campaign trail, the number one issue has been solving our immigration crisis.

I, for one, can’t remember our great nation having a functioning immigration system. 

We need to address Border Security and Immigration in a comprehensive fashion. Immigration is about more than our borders. Our broken immigration system affects every community in America.

The vast majority of opioids originate from our southern border. These drugs are poisoning and killing our kids.

Our broken immigration system leads to some of the worst human trafficking seen across the globe. Ignoring our current immigration system is unsafe, unfair, and downright wrong.

In Congress, I will work for a fair, humane, and merit-based immigration system

This begins with fixing our broken borders.

We will build the wall and push for the security measures that our customs agents need to keep our nation safe and stop the free flow of drugs into America.

We can’t be a sovereign nation without fixing our broken borders and this is the first step to solving America’s immigration crisis.

Let's be honest, border security IS compassionate. Working borders make everyone safer. 

Next, we need to fix the visa process and have a legal immigration system that makes sense for our country.

My philosophy is simple. Let’s make the legal process for immigrating to America easy and straightforward and let’s make it nearly impossible to enter our country illegally

We work hard to provide for our families and we need to make sure everyone in America is paying their taxes and aren’t milking the system.

I believe these are common-sense solutions that can be achieved easily with hard work and determination. 

I also believe that a workable immigration system is at the cornerstone of preserving freedom, expanding opportunity, and reigniting American patriotism.

Fixing our immigration system is compassionate too.

Our current system creates an underclass that can be taken advantage of and promotes criminality.

A sensible immigration system would not only be great for hard-working Americans, but also for people who want to immigrate to America legally and become a part of the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

In short, we need:

  • The Will

  • The Wall

  • and The Way

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