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Being a National Leader in Going Virtual

Coronavirus has changed many aspects of our lives over the last month.

How we work, where we eat, and how we communicate has all changed.

Our campaign has become a National Leader in going "Virtual" to stay connected with you.

Our March 26th Virtual Briefing "America’s Health and Economic Response to the COVID-19 Threat," is the first of its kind in the country!

You can watch the full briefing that includes Rocky Mountain leaders representing healthcare, education, and several business sectors here

Additionally, we're hosting 45-minute VIRTUAL COTTAGE MEETINGS that focus on Preserving Freedom, Expanding Opportunity, and Reigniting Patriotism throughout April to connect with Republican delegates, primary voters, and state and national leaders and to take your questions!

In fact, our next Virtual Cottage Meeting starts TODAY at 11am MT where we'll discuss HEALTHCARE, CUTTING REGULATIONS, and TACKLING THE DRUG EPIDEMIC with State Rep Dr. RAY WARD.

If today doesn't work for you, we have SEVEN MORE Virtual Cottage Meetings planned over the week and a half. Find the one that works best in your schedule.

While how we do many of the things in our lives has changed, one thing has remained the same, we're all in this together.

And there are several ways for us to stay connected in the days, weeks, and months ahead: 

  1. Watch our Pioneers & Patriots Videos

  2. Sign up for our Virtual Cottage Meetings

  3. Volunteer for our campaign from home

  4. Donate to our movement to preserve freedom

My commitment in this campaign is to work with anyone to Preserve Freedom, Expand Opportunity, and Reignite Patriotism and to always put you first

I hope you can join us at one of our Virtual Cottage Meetings soon.

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