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Mayor Katie Witt is a community leader, wife, mother, and woman of faith who is committed to preserving freedom, expanding opportunity, and reigniting American Patriotism.


Katie spent most of her childhood growing up in Utah where her father covered the Utah State Legislature as a journalist for the Associated Press. Through this experience, Katie developed a strong respect for public service and Freedom of Speech.

As people of faith, Katie’s parents provided real life lessons in what it looks like to stand for freedom by housing refugees fleeing from Communist countries. Katie learned firsthand how an all-powerful government tries to crush the human spirit. 


Prior to graduating, Katie Witt spent 10 months in South Africa while participating in the Rotary Student Exchange Program. This experience during the transition away from the vile practice of Apartheid highlighted the need for strong leadership committed to freedom, amplifying the voices of everyday people, and expanding opportunity for ALL. Katie Witt left South Africa with an even greater love and appreciation for our country.


Upon returning to America, Katie began college and met Dan Witt through her church in 1991. After a Memorial Day hiking trip, Katie and Dan began dating and married the following year. 


The Witts later moved to Colorado for Dan’s job at Kaiser Permanente and where he served as a bishop in their church’s leadership. Over the next ten years, Katie raised their three children and completed her college degree taking a class or two each semester while her kids were in school. Katie’s kids learned from her example that with hard work and perseverance they can achieve their dreams. In fact, all three of her kids are in college today.

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Following her term in city government, the Witts moved to Kaysville, Utah where Katie created the innovative local online community Kaysville Condensed to show people how their local government works. Additionally, Katie was elected President of the Kaysville Rotary.


Tapping into the passionate following she created through Kaysville Condensed, Katie Witt was then elected Mayor of Kaysville in 2017 where she is demonstrating bold leadership by creating Kaysville’s first-ever 20 year comprehensive plan that secures road and building improvements, expands broadband, and increases opportunities for all residents, without raising taxes.


With increased community engagement from Witt’s efforts, Kaysville residents have a great say in what’s going on in their local government. The result is road repairs are happening at a faster pace and planning and zoning regulations are being slashed to expand opportunity for residents and business owners.


From her work on the Balloting Committee at the Davis County Republican Convention and as an elected leader at Women’s State Legislative Council, Katie Witt is a state leader and influencer among her colleagues and fellow conservatives.


An avid gardener, Katie Witt often talks to constituents as they stop by to enjoy her hydrangeas. Katie resides in Kaysville with her husband Dan with all of her adult children living nearby. Her vision for Utah is that the local economy and opportunities are so strong that all parents and grandparents can have the same joy in their own lives.

While raising her family and going back to school, Katie began serving her local community through Rotary International and on various local boards and commissions, one of which awarded dollars to worthy non-profits and another that empowered at-risk youth.


Katie Witt’s community work led her to get active in politics.  


In 2008, Katie Witt led a statewide presidential caucus operation, earning 100% of the eligible caucus delegates. 


After that campaign, Katie sought public office as a city councilmember. Katie defeated the liberal incumbent by a 2 to 1 margin. On council, Katie amplified the voices of citizens who felt government wasn’t working for them.

In a recent episode of Katie's groundbreaking Virtual Cottage Meetings, Katie Witt is interviewed about her background and experience and how she ​became committed to Preserving Freedom, Expanding Opportunity, and Reigniting Patriotism.


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